Guide to Maintain Your Security Cameras!

Remember that, you just can’t place a surveillance camera and completely forget about it! Surveillance cameras are one of the most pertinent protection tools, thus maintaining them is also crucial. Keeping your security cameras in good condition ensures a clear line of sight, thus, reducing risk to a large extent. It is highly recommended to schedule your system maintenance regularly and get the best out of your security guards. Here, we are penning down some tips about how to take care of your surveillance systems.

Clean camera lenses

Never neglect the lens! It is extremely important to wipe down the lens of your security camera regularly and ensure that the lens doesn’t get coated with dust or debris. Only clean lenses can give you sharp images that can identify suspects easily. For better cleaning, you can get a good quality lens solution that properly cleans the lens.

Beware of weather elements

Security cameras that are placed outside the building would demand extra care. Even if you install weatherproof cameras, then also it is advisable to install them with a covering. Placing your cameras underneath a shed may be considered as an option.

Check for obstruction

Finally, you must also ensure that the view of the security camera system is not obstructed by any unwanted thing. Beware of bushes, trees or furniture at your home. Make sure that such things don’t obstruct the line of sight of the security camera. You may keep your bushes, trees and plants properly trimmed.

Check batteries and power supply regularly

It is always a good idea to frequently check the power supply and batteries of your security camera systems. Make sure that these things are not ignored. A security camera with over or under supply of power will fail to deliver the desired results. As far as the battery is concerned, ensure that it is fully charged at all the times.

Pay Heed to corrosion

Yet another notable thing is corrosion. Make sure that you check out each and every connector for signs of corrosion. In case any corroded connector is found, it must be replaced immediately.

Check on date and time

Do check that the date and time are correctly generated by the DVR and the monitor displays it all. Petty things like these prove beneficial during the time of the investigations.

Check the user Manual

A small and easy step to perfectly maintain your security systems is to go through the reader manual carefully. Take the necessary steps on time and abide by the instructions. A thorough reading of the manual can help you make the best use of your surveillance systems.

Maintenance of surveillance systems ensures that you reap all the benefits of video surveillance. It leads to longer returns on your investments, uninterrupted feed, crisp & clear pictures, and yes, you are protected from all sorts of doubts!