Practical Tips For Success In An Interview

Any candidate appearing for an employment interview needs to understand the basic things. Generally, the interview is conducted for recruiting the right person for the vacant situation. The answers to the usual questions of ‘How do you go about the preparation for the interview’ and ‘What are the ways to get through an interview’ are discussed here.

Courtesy: Address the interviewer(s) with ‘Hello’ or ‘ Good Morning, Good After Noon, etc.’ depending upon the time when entering the interview room. Do not expect the reciprocation as the interviewer has no time for such rituals, but the candidate is expected to comply with this protocol. Display of discipline and principle is possible if an opportunity arises. Never enter into an argument, but do reply with cogency and firmness. When the tea and cake were served during the interview session, a candidate preferred a cup of tea, stating that he was not habituated to consume the sweet along with the tea.

Language: Interviewer observes both the spoken and body language. Speak clearly in polite and gentle tone by facing the person that raised the question. Remain straight without oscillating the body or its parts. Be exact and short in answers with simple words. Listening and grasping the questions is vital to reply correctly in precise terms. Lengthy and wandering answers are a ruse to avoid further interrogation, but they frustrate the opposite side as more time is consumed for a single candidate. Frankness and honesty get a higher score than the dodging replies. If not proficient in a topic, it’s better to say, “Don’t know, Sir.”

Dressing pattern: A simple and neat dress is ideal for any interview. Avoid movements to adjust the folds in the garments, but do it before entering the room. Wearing a necktie is advisable if it’s convenient and feasible. Everyone excepting one wore the necktie for an interview conducted during the peak summer month. The panel had five members. When the odd-man without the tie entered the room, one interviewer asked, “Why didn’t you have a tie?” The candidate said, “Very hot outside, Sir.” Exactly the same moment, a panel member walked in by removing his necktie and remarked, “A torrid day, here.”

Qualification: The knowledge and experience of the interviewee are checked by the perusal of academic and work records. Keeping the certificates in a logical and chronological order in a good folder facilitates easy verification and creates a good impression on the candidate’s discipline. Gather information about the profile of the employer and its business, and have a clear idea of seeking a job with them.

The Presence of mind: This is the most important attitude for success.Usually, many people brush up their knowledge before attending the interview. They become tense when a question totally different to their qualification, comes up. One employer shot a straight question, “You are a Science graduate. I need a good hand to manage both research and administration. Can you do that?” The clever interviewee answered, “Yes, I will be glad to handle both provided a suitable hike is given in my pay.” In another interview, the Managing Director asked, “If a customer approaches you with a complaint about our product, what will you do?” The candidate said, “I would ascertain the nature of the complaint and ensure its rectification.”

Right attitude coupled with good aptitude spell success.