4 Reasons Why You Weren’t Invited To An Interview

Have you ever applied for a job that you felt that you deserved and then you aren’t invited for interview? Here are some of the reasons why you were not invited:

An Automated System Screened You Out

Due to advances in technology, employers are able to identify the people they want using computer software. The cool thing is that the software use keywords to find the right candidates.

To increase the chances of being picked by the software you should add the keywords that your employer might be looking for. The best way of going about it is including skills that are relevant to the position that you are applying for.

You Didn’t Customize Your Cover Letter and Resume

While it’s time consuming to write a cover letter for each job that you apply for, it’s worth it. Employers scan through cover letters and for you to get their attention you need to show them that you are fit for the job. When writing the letter you should address the job specifically and state your qualifications.

When it comes to your resume you should professionally state your skills and experience. If you don’t have skills that fit the job perfectly, you should state how your transferable skills are ideal for the job that you are applying for. In addition to the skills you should also include your achievements. For example, you should state the awards that you have won.

You Want a Salary That Is Too High

Regardless of how qualified you are for a job position an employer won’t give you the job if you are asking for a salary that is too high than the available resources. To avoid being denied your dream job, you should always do your research before you send your application. You should research the amount of money that other people in the company are paid.

You Are Overqualified

Employers easily discard candidates that appear overqualified for a job. The reason for this is because they are afraid that you will get bored and move to another job within a short time. To avoid getting discarded you should highlight similar positions that you have handled before.


These are just some of the reasons why you weren’t invited for an interview. In addition to avoiding the above mistakes, you should also follow up your application. The best way of following up is writing an email to the employer. You can also call the employer and enquire about the progress of your application.